Friday, July 24, 2015

The Heir by Kiera Cass

Really, you should not start here if you have not already read the previous installments to Kiera Cass' much beloved Selection Series, as this is basically the same book as the previous 3 but with a new cast of characters.  Cass draws out the seemingly meaningless Selection for Eadlyn Shreave (the daughter of King Maxon and Queen America).  There is a lot of hemming and hawing as Eadlyn wants nothing to do with it.  It does have many of the bright spots that its predecessors possessed: chock full of romance, some silly/funny moments, but it lacks a lot of the endearing moments that we, as the readers were afforded under America's point of view.  Because basically (and I stand by this although many of my middle school girls would disagree), Eadlyn is unlikable.  She is whiny, self-absorbed and pretty clueless in many respects.

Final Recommendations: if you loved the Selection series, bratty princesses, a bit of romance, vague conflicts that go nowhere, world building that is on the fringe, or if you are a 13 year old girl

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