Friday, July 24, 2015

Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

This is the book that would result if "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" had a baby with "The Divinci Code" and "Mission Impossible."  I know that seems biologically impossible, it is, and in parts this book was impossibly convoluted but, as a whole, it was not entirely unreadable.  For starters, I read a lot of fantasy.  Which is a precursor for "I'll believe anything once."  But even I had a hard time believing a lot of things these rich and powerful kids got away with.  That being said, this was a very action-packed thrill-ride of a book.  It had the swoony romance thing down and some pretty decent twists and turns.  But there will still a lot of things that were left unexplained.  I probably will pick up the second book just to see if many of the unanswered questions are clarified.

Final Recommendations: if you like action & adventure, secret missions, swoony strangers, secret society that can basically do anything they want

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